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How we created a brand that bridges the gap between student and employee.

Interview prep has never been this exciting.

The leadership team of Abrydge approached Studio 22 with one goal: Help us create a brand that will inspire college students to prepare better for job interviews and smooth the transition from academia to a professional work environment.

For our team, this was a category we were already familiar with having worked with academic institutions like Stanford and Santa Clara University. We also worked with a number of video resume startups like Visibl and Slync (U.K.) who catered to the same target market —soon-to-be or recent college grads.

Abrydge Brand Platform

“Studio 22 is very specialized in the work they contributed for us. They were excellent. I can’t say enough about how pleased I was with them.”



It begins with the name.

Naturally, our branding work started with development of a name. After many dozens of ideas were researched, we finally settled on “Abrydged”. This name encapsulated the essence of the company’s mission the best: “Abrydge empowers students to quickly bridge the gap between student and employee.”

A meaningful brand.

Along with the name and brand platform, we also worked with Abrydge to develop a logo that would demonstrate a modern approach while, at the same time, be friendly and accessible.

We settled on this design as it evoked a number of attributes that we were important for the brand. First, the ellipsis suggest that your story is continuing and education is only a part of it. Core to Abrydge’s mission, is condensing information that would otherwise be too lengthy and hard to digest. Ellipsis indicate the “omission from writing of a word or words that are superfluous or able to be understood from contextual clues”.

“We felt like Studio 22 really took an interest in our business’s success. They managed time effectively and made sure we all felt like one big team. “


Operations Manager

After the logo and branding were complete, we continued to work with Abrydge on their website strategy and providing consulting on product and service offering in relation to their brand strategy.

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