Branding | UI/UX | Web

Next generation platform for secure, affordable and revolutionary crypto services.

Crypto isn’t just about trading. With BitLeague, you can buy, sell, earn, and borrow. It’s complete financial solution in the cryptocurrancy space.   

Along with designing the iOS app UX for investors, we’ve also  designed the web interface from the ground up creating a seamless platform experience for both groups.

Visit BitLeague here.

Marketing and Onboarding

You can have the best looking app in the universe, but if you don’t have a good onboarding strategy your conversions will be less than satisfactory. 

Good onboarding requires that you understand your users and why your app is the only solution to their problem. Once you understand this, you can organically build your audience.

Along with the app interfaces, we also create the marketing site. 

Contemporary Branding