Our Approach

We’ve been helping fast-growing startups, new ventures, and established companies, build sustainable brands for over 20 years.

Not all engagments are created equal.

Many of our clients are very early-stage. Oftentimes they don’t have a dedicated marketing team (or even a marketing person) on staff. We work with many startups who are lite on resources, but heavy on vision. The need to to have a professional brand image and access to a creative team that will support them on every twist and turn.

Here are some of our typical engagement scenarios when working with startups:

Seeking investors & talent
Self, Angel or Seed-funded startup looking to develop a web presence to attract new talent and also demonstrate traction to the VC community.

Self-funded venture
We often work with founders or partners who are self-funded and looking to invest in their own venture funded out-of-pocket. In many cases, this means we are creating the initial branding and website for the new company.

Preparing for Series-A
Early-stage startup preparing to engage with investors to land their Series-A funding. Typically have a basic website with a product in beta with a limited user-base. They are now in need of a more sophisticated online presence.

Outsourced or Fractional Design Team
Even large brands need external creative on occasion. Common reasons for this are staff bandwith—internal design teams are working on more urgent projects—or the specific need is outside the team’s area of expertise like web development, branding, or illustration. 

Growing for Series-B and beyond
This stage is when companies are starting to build their operation and expand their reach into more markets. They are begining to scale and often need to pivot their marketing and branding efforts with a new website.

We’re Flexible…

We like to think of ourselves as part of your team. That’s how we work whether it’s project-based or a retainer. The best creative comes from teams that are committed and fully enagaged.


We’re here to support ongoing marketing and creative projects. We help schedule, organize, and implement creative works large and small. We’re part of the team.

We offer flexible, shorter-term engagements as well as longer-term retainers to fit your needs. Talk with us to learn more. 


We have developed many great client relationships with one-off projects. We work with teams on a clearly defined project scope that fits within their budget and schedule.

Why Studio 22?

Customer-centric focus
Effective marketing doesn’t focus soley on product details. It also needs to be about the customer’s experience with your product.

Speed to market
We get that speed is of the essence for your organization. Our step-by-step process keeps things moving.

We’ve been a distributed team since before it was cool and don’t carry the typical agency overhead. Clients tell us our fees are right in their sweet spot.

Marketing Experience
We’ve worked with major brands like Mercedes Benz, Google, and Stanford University along with dozens of startups in Silicon Valley and beyond.

We’ve launched many dozens of websites over the years and helped create numerous brands. Ultimately, it’s all about the quality of the creative.