Web Site Design and Development

Learn more about our web site design and development process along with frequently asked questions.

Our Website Design & Development Process

We have designed and built over 100 websites over the last 20 years which makes up the majority of our creative engagements. Because of this, we know a thing or two about how to plan, design, and build effective websites. 

Learn more about our website design process below:

#1 Discovery


All successful marketing tactics — including website design & development — are based on concise strategy and brand positioning. Two things are essential: The first is a deep understanding of the core of the target audience — who are they, what do they need most from your brand, and how do you best communicate that? 

This is the first thing we help our clients understand before we do anything else and it’s the foundation for all creative efforts going forward. 

Information Architecture

Every website goes through detailed information architecture (IA). This is where we work with your team to develop a content structure that presents the site content in the most compelling manner for the target audience. 

From here, we work out a wireframe. The wireframe is the architectural blueprint for your site. The purpose of the wireframe is to display necessary page elements in an optimal arrangement and determine how users will navigate and use the website.

#2 Creative

Website Concept Designs

We explore a broad range of design ideas prior to developing any concepts. We find this to be the most effective way to eliminate unsuitable designs and focus on a narrow range with far greater potential.

Starting with the home page, we create unique design concepts that present the brand in the most memorable and effective way possible. Our primary design direction is based on the work we do in the discovery and strategy phase at the beginning of the engagement.

Final Artwork & Creative Assets

Here we develop all production-ready artwork including image editing, iconography libraries, and UI elements such as buttons, hover interactions, and any other elements that may be required.

#3 Building

Develop & Code

In this phase, we take all of our final design work and begin building our custom templates based on the approved designs. 

Content Integration

During the build phase, we concurrently begin the process of pulling in the final content. This can be content (text and images) that we developed or was provided by the client. 

Third-party Integrations

Oftentimes we are required to add technology that is provided by third-party developers via plug-ins or adding code or scripts. We do this fairly early on in the process so we can begin testing functionality.


Website security is an important aspect of website development. We integrate standard security measures into all of our builds. We can also develop enhanced measures based on specific client requirements. 

Client Review

Prior to launch, it’s important that the client and their stakeholders go through a review process to catch any content errors and provide a final round of feedback.

#4 Launch

Once tested on the staging environment, we then migrate or update the DNS to the production environment. There are a few other technical steps here, however the process to go from development to “live” is fairly seamless. 

Logo Design Process Chart

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Web Design FAQs

Do you work with startup companies?

Yes! In fact, many of our website clients are early stage startups with a variety of needs. We’ve created everything from simple landing pages to complex site builds. Take a look at our portfolio to see our startup work.

How much does web design cost?

There are a variety of factors that go into website pricing so it’s really difficult to provide an accurate estimate without knowing all of the requirements. Some things to consider are the size and scope of the website: how many pages, is there any custom functionality, special integrations, and more. We suggest you schedule a call with our team to learn more about pricing. 

How long does it take to design and develop a website?

Our production schedule varies depending on the complexity of the build. For most websites, the design and build process is planned in weeks. Simple brochure style websites with 12-20 pages take about 6-8 weeks, larger websites with complex builds or custom code can take up to 12-18 weeks. On the flipside, we’ve built landing pages within 2 weeks when required.

Does your team write the website content or do we provide it?

Most clients will provide the content written by their team or with help from an external marketing communications team. When a client doesn’t have the internal or external resources, our team can write new content and/or edit existing content as needed.

Do you build custom sites or use templates?

We are a custom design and development shop. We do not use themes or templates in any of our projects. Because our design work is based on a strategic approach, it would be nearly impossible to use a template and still have an effective website.

Do you offer copywriting and editing services?

Yes, we provide help with copywriting. This includes writing new content based on strategy and editing existing content provided by the client.

Do you provide ongoing support after launch?

Yes, we have a variety of support options after the website is launched. This includes monthly support plans that include content changes, plugin updates, CMS updates, and ongoing bug fixes. Please contact us to learn more about our maintenance plans.

What CMS systems do you develop on?

We can build websites in a variety of CMS systems, however the most requested CMSs are WordPress and Webflow. We’ve been building WordPress websites since the early 2000s.