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Learn more about our logo design process here along with frequently asked questions.

Our Branding Philosophy & Approach

A brand image, which includes a logo, is a critical component for any organization. It sets the stage for all aspects of marketing and is generally the first thing an audience will identify with. We help clients design original, creative logos and brand platforms that resonate with customers and leave an indelible mark.

Strategy is the bedrock for any decent creative endeavor, including logo design. It’s the navigational beacon that points teams in the right direction and increases the chances of creating something great. We employ this thinking on every design project, and it’s especially important when considering a new logo design for your organization.


A Few of our Logo Designs

Our Logo Design Process

Developing a great brand strategy takes time and effort—it often gets overlooked when organizations want to move quickly into logo design. Before leaping right into concepts, we create a “brief” that answer important questions about your brand identity. This includes:

Who is your primary audience?

What specific problems do they have that we can help with?

In a single sentence, what is the essence of your brand?

This investment early on in the creative process pays off in spades. It aligns the entire team and provides a shared vision for the brand.


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Logo Design Process Chart

Logo Design FAQs

How much does logo design cost?

Logo design costs vary and are dependent on a number of factors such as number of initial concepts, rounds of revisions, or any other special circumstances. In 2022, a typical logo design project ranges from $5,000 – $7,500.

How long does logo design take?

Logo design can take anywhere from 3-5 weeks for a typical engagement. There are exceptions to this rule, especially if more design concepts are required or audience testing is performed.

What is your logo design process?

Our logo design process is fairly straightforward and generally follows the following workflow:

Discovery > Concept Design > Review > Revisions > Final Approval > Delivery of Files

How many ideas are typically included in logo design?

We generally  include anywhere from 5-7 unique logo concepts. Because we spend a great deal of time doing research and discovery upfront, we have a pretty targeted design direction already established. This saves us from performing a bunch of unnecessary cycles and allows us to focus on only viable creative ideas.

Do you create logos for startups?

Yes. Many of our clients are indeed startups or early-stage companies. Many of the logos in our portfolio are for startup companies. We love helping our startup partners create memorable brands!